Not getting dates for appointment at consulate December 2016

I need to get my H1B visa stamped (my first time) and I have plans to travel to India this December 2016, for which I already have my itinerary booked. I am looking for visa interview dates during that time, and I cannot find any dates available at any of the centres. I am looking for dates every day in hopes that there might be cancelled slots available, but does not look like it.

  1. Is it a gamble worth taking to continuously keep looking for the slots and try booking- I have heard that the consulate opens up more seats as the dates progress- is that true?

  2. in this scenario, I know I have to reschedule my tickets, which makes sense. But is there any other way ? Can I go to Canada or Mexico and get it stamped - is that safe ? If yes, is it the same process? I have heard that home country is most preferred for stamping.

Thanks, hoping for some help guys! :slight_smile:

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