Not been able to decide to move to US


I am working with a big MNC in India. I have L1 visa thru this company. I have an opportunity to move to States. I am kind of not sure if I want to move to US. I have a small family. My son is 12. I know if I go to States now; kind of I will have to stay there permanently.

So I get this feeling that I am leaving India. I know that each decision has its pros and cons. Wherever we go we have to look for positives and positives are everywhere.

The very thought of moving to States makes me anxious sometimes. May be I am over thinking about it. So I am not been able to take a decision.

Please suggest!!!


It is always good to come overseas, as you earn good money. Again it depends on you, if you have enough money and want to be with family and friends, you can be in India.

Moreover you can go back India anytime if you don’t like here