Not attend the Scheduled B1/B2 appointment

My parents couldn’t able to attend the scheduled B1/B2 appointment( VAC and Consular appointment) due to health issues which was scheduled on Feb 23 and Feb 24th 2023, Is there a way we can reschedule the appointment with the same? if yes what’s the procedure, please explain.


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What if I miss my VAC or Consular appointment date?

If you miss your VAC or Consular appointment date, you will be marked a no show so that you can schedule a new appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment you should cancel your appointment by 4:30 p.m. local time two business days prior to your scheduled interview appointment in order to avoid being marked as a “no-show”.

Please note, if you are a “no-show” you may schedule another appointment but you will be restricted to schedule for the next 120 days from your no-show date. Please avoid becoming a “no-show” to prevent unnecessary delays.