No visa appointment dates in India until Dec 2016

I have booked my travel to India for November 2016. I paid my visa fees but I find that there are currently no visa appointment dates in any of the 5 consulates until Dec 21. I prefer Chennai or Mumbai, but I am open to any location now.

Will new appointments open up as the dates approach closer? I read online that they open new appointments periodically (mostly 3 weeks in advance). Is this true or reliable?

Can I wait until October or is it advisable to postpone my travel? Any help is appreciated.

Do You need to fill DS -160 in order to See dates? or you can See without Filling DS 160 as I am still waiting for my new H1b to be processed but I have old EAC number with previous employer

Have to ask this - did you check your Dropbox eligibility?

Usually dates open up as time progresses. If no dates become available then either delay the travel plans or go to CA or MX for stamping before going to India.

Yes you need your DS160 application number to schedule appointment. But I am not sure if you need to have submitted DS 160.

This is my first H1B stamp so I am not eligible for dropbox. Guess I have to just wait and hope for the best.