No Update On Status of H1B Admin Processing with White Slip at Hyderabad

Hello friends,

After I one year of wait and obstacles finally I attended PA on 3rd April,2013 at Hyderabad.Officer asked me few questions like salary, client,work  and I gave right answers but she gave me white slip crossing the section saying like "you will get an email..".

She did not tell anything why you had been refused to give visa.On evening of 3rd April I got email asking CV,invitation letter and some personal info.

My company comes under BEP category and also is one of the major  IT MNC.Let me describe my entire case for yours better understanding:

1.For Client A my company filed petition on FY 2013.I got RFE and around 16-20 Novemeber I responded to RFE submitting SOW, BRM letter,Agreement Letter and Orgnization chart.

2.Finally got Approved petition.

3.But my client had got changed even before the RFE response time.I filed LCA for new Client B and also got LCA.

4.Then on 3rd April I appeared for PA.

On 17th April I have replied to their email(admin processing) with Agreement Letter and BRM(My company and client relationship manager)

But still there is no update.I am not getting what might be the reason behind this White Slip? How does it differ from Pink or other colored slips? Does it worth to wait for it or it might also get rejected at the end...

Please suggest over it.

Thanks a lot......

hi ashish,

I am also facing the same issue.Could you please let me know whether you received your stamped VISA.

Nope !!! Status is same since 17th April. For how long your visa status is “Admin Processing”?? You can contact concerned Counslet if at least 60 days have been passed.

Although there is no set processing time for such slips, you may want to wait if you think that you have all the correct documents.

Didn’t your employer file for H-1 amendment after getting the new LCA? That is one of the main requirements these days.

Thanks Saurabh.No they did not file H1B amendment,they just filed the new LCA.On 17th June 2 months will be completed and still it is same.If it is due to H1 amenedment then they may reject it?

I am totally clueless now.Can you please suggest what should I do now?Can me or My Employer can contact them if yes then what is the POC?

Thanks a lot…

Hi Saurabh and Team, Could you please give insights on above issue. Thanks…

From Mar21st it is in admin processing. I checked with my VISA team they told that we need wait. I checked with Hyd consulate customer care they told that they don’t have any update.We have to wait.

Your employer/attorney can follow-up w/ them but it may not expedite the process. They take their own time and one cannot do anything except to wait.

Thanks again Saurabh… If my employer/attorney asks for status then apart from saying “admin processing” may they say additional info like what is the problem,time etc? If they may say some more info then it would be more helpful in guessing chances of getting visa? Waiting for your reply to take next step… Thanks to everyone…

Usually they provide specifics, but they can try.

Hi Saurabh,

Fist of all sorry for this long post. More than 2 and half months are over and still the Status is same.I sent an email to hyderabad counslet on 19th June but response seems to be very general:

Public Response: “Your application is pending under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for mandatory administrative processing. There is no definite time frame for this processing as it depends on the individual circumstances of each case. The Department of State is continuously working to improve processing and expedite visas. We appreciate for your patience. Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as the processing in his case is complete.”

When I did not get anything from this I sent an email on 24th June to my Immigration Manager Office in US to contact Attorney.First they said that They have already tried for few cases in tha past but response was always same “Just Wait…”.

But I insisted them to ask once again and on 26t June they informed me through email that Attorney is following up the case and will update you if we get “Any Response”.

Not able to decide what to do and now completely Hopeless and De Motivated what to do next in my career since entire Visa Process has been going on since last March,2012. My company(typical IT MNC) filed my and other friends Petitions very early just after 1.5 years of my joining as a fresher.All my friends are now in US except Me.

My Petition validity is up to 30th Sept,2015 and Passport is with Visa Officer. Please provide some insights that might help me in taking further action/decision…

Waiting for your advice. Thanks a lot…


There is not much that can be done here. You can continue to wait, or may have another employer file cap-exempt petition for you (H-1 transfer); and reappear for stamping through the new employer.

Hi Saurabh and Team… First of all sorry for asking questions over questions.

Three months are over and still status is same “admin processing”… Frankaly telling I am not able to decide what to do.
I have two options: Either (1) Take the passport back and release from current project and move to another non usa account/project. OR (2) just wait for this.

Though in first option there are good chances that I might get UK/Europe/Aus/others but it would also take 2-3 minutes.I have dilemma over difference b/w being in US and other countries when you will get paid more and less same.

I would be very thankful if you can give your point of view over it and suggest something.I work in an big IT MNC and Petition is valid up to 2015.

Saurabh, could you please suggest over it… Thanks a lot…

I have not worked in any other country beside US, so don’t know how it stands against other countries. You can check w/ other employees in your company.

Do you know if you will be flying to US immediately if you get your stamped passport now, or is there a delay? If there is a delay, then you can decide to move to other projects which have more probability of onsite opportunities. You can still use your H-1 petition in future.

Thanks a lot Saurabh…
I have to say My company’s Visa team do not care about these cases. If I get my visa then definitely I will be flying to US at the earliest since I am from Mobile technologies and account is large and my repo is very good. But when visa will come this the Question??Petition is valid upto 30 Sept,2015.
If I move to another non -USA accounts then it may take 1-2 months and in current account up to August I will have to stay since project is going on…

Saurabh, for few days I am in totally frustated state and also all my friends have gone months ago itself.

Please give some suggestion.Might be it help in taking decision…

You can ask for the passport saying that you have to travel to other countries and let your 221g process.

Then move to non-US account and see when you get an opportunity to travel from there. If US visa gets approved before you travel to non-US country, you can decide whether to stcik to non-US account or move to the US account.

That’s my opinion, but its your call.

Thanks Saurabh… This is the only way that seems practical… One last thing. Can I ask my Immegration Team in US to write to company’s third party Attorney to contact Counslet? Just for last try Can My company utilize Attorney in this case??Please share your views on it. Thanks…

Although the attorney can try to contact the consulate, there is little chance that it will expedite the process. They will still take their own time.

Hi Saurabh,One Good News!!! today my status got updated now it is showing Case Creation Date: 2nd April,2013(one day before my Interview)
Case updated Date: 12th August,2013. Earlier it was 17th April,2013, same date I replied to their email.
But Sad News is that status is still “Admin Processing”… Not getting what is this kind of update.
Request you to give some insight into this. Thanks a lot to team…