No Employer, No recent 2 pay stubs - H1 Transfer

Have been working for company A for 6 months and suddenly they laid off and issued termination letter with severance pay.
Then it took me to find another job 1 month and now I don’t have 2 recent pay stubs as no employer. Now I found an employer and job, they have to file transfer.
Is there any issues in this scenario?

Discuss the case with your new employer attorney so that they can take care of it when applying the new petition.

Best case scenario - USCIS accepts your plead of 1 month laid-off period and approves new H-1 w/ I-94 attached.

Worst case scenario - USCIS will approve H-1 petition but w/ consular processing. So you will have to leave US and then return on new petition to work for the new employer

I would suggest going PP route so that you don’t stay in laid-off period for much longer and know what to do w/ your immigration status.

Thanks Saurabh.

Could you please clarify the worst case scenario. If I leave US after the new employer filed petition, Can I return immediately to US using the receipt notice and start working?
or I need to wait until it get approved to return to US.

And do I need to go for new stamping while I return to US?

Also please clarify what you mean by PP route.
Thanks a lot.

You need to have approval in hand in order to return to US and work for the new employer.

I am asking to go premium processing route, so that you know the result within 15 calendar days (unless there is RFE). When you discuss the case w/ new employer’s attorney they would also throw more light on this.

Thanks for the details. I will check with my new employer attorney.