NIE - Travel with stopover (non-direct flight)

Hi -

I visited Netherlands and India for urgent business from US (1-month in each country), and have filed for NIE in both consulates (Amsterdam and Mumbai). I had been delaying the trip for a very long time, and took the risk knowing US is looking to relax restrictions in a month or so. I have a valid H-1B visa stamped on my passport from 2y ago. I am currently awaiting responses from the consulates, and I am in India for the second leg of my trip. My tickets to Chicago are booked with a stopover in Amsterdam from Mumbai. I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer (both doses in Chicago).

If I get approved from Netherlands (I filed there first), I understand I should be able to just fly from Mumbai to Chicago via Netherlands given India → Netherlands travel is open for vaccinated visitors with a Schengen visa.

My question is: in the case Mumbai Consulate approves my NIE, am I still allowed to travel from Mumbai to Chicago via Amsterdam? If not, what are my options? I would think Mumbai to US direct flights should work - am I also ok to travel via a safe country stopover like say Doha via Qatar Airways?


I answered to your post on another forum.