NIE application process in usa or in India


I am on H1b status, planning to go India in oct /nov 2021 .

planning to go India for h1b stamping. i mean i was on stem opt F1 visa previously

Do i need to send NIE application after visa stamping in india or before going for stamping ?

Please suggest

You will need to carry NIE letter with you to your interview. If approved your visa will have NIE annotation.

hi @Kalpesh_Dalwadi ,

i am planning to go India oct 16th for first time h1 based visa stamping ,so can i send NIE application one month before ?

Please suggest

thankyou for previous response

I already replied…Because you still dont have the visa, and you are going for interview, just carry the NIE letter from your employer and present to the Visa Officer that will interview you.

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