New Start Date Following H1-B Visa Extension + Is New Stamp Required?


My H1-B Visa ends on 7th Oct. 2013, and my employer will file for my Extension on 7th April 2013 (6 months prior to expitation as per rule).

Assuming my extension gets approved by 7th July 2013, will there be a new “start date” on the extended visa? OR is it in continuation?

I am travelling to India in August 2013, so do I have to get my Visa stamped again, assuming that my visa is extended through Oct. 2016?

Appreciate any inputs on this.

Thank You.

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The extension will be of the 797 and not the visa stamp. So the new 797 will have a start date (most likely 8th Oct 2013) and an end date based on submitted documents.

When you travel to India, you don’t need to get another visa stamp as long as your current visa stamp is still valid. As it expires on 7th Oct, you don’t need to go for stamping as long as you plan to return before that date.

I plan to travel in the month of August and return in September! But can i get my new visa stamped if i wish to? Here’s the deal-I plan to go with my spouse for here H4 Visa (as a family application), and want to make sure her visa is stamped through 2016, and not having to go through her reapplication (i.e. if she is granted visa only through Oct. 2013 based on my current visa expiration date). Any thoughts?

If your petition has been approved by the time you both appear for stamping, then you can carry both current and extended petition. You will be granted visas based on the extended petition i.e. 2016. Even though you will have an unexpired visa stamp, you can still appear for stamping along w/ her to get an extended visa stamp.