New LCA under process. Can I move to new place before LCA is processed?


I am on H1B visa. I work for comany A and client X.

Now my company wants me to work for client Y in a new location. That needs new LCA posting or LCA ammendment - this is in progress. This will take some time. But my company wants me to reach new location right now. Altough I need not work, but at least I should reach and report. May be I will continue to receive old location salary and until new LCA comes.

Is there anything illegal if I reach new location and start stying there until getting new LCA?


This seems tricky. You cannot work at new location until LCA is approved for that location, but I am not sure if you can report to work there in the meantime.

What is your attorney suggesting?

I did not contact attorney yet. Just wondering whether its legal to be presented in new city, but getting paid at old city? When a person is on bench but gets salary, can he live in a different city? - perhaps that way I can best present my situation.
Please suggest.

I think it should be fine as you will be getting paid as per the old location/LCA and will not be officially working at the new location. So it may be more like paid time off w/ you being at the new location and not old.