New LCA needs to be filed while working from home in another location?


In my approved H1B petition, the LCA stands for city [b]A [/b]of [b]B [/b]state.

When in US, initially I'll be working from the same client location for 2-3 months & then I am planning to shift to city [b]X [/b]of [b]Y [/b]state to stay with my brother & 'work from home' as my client allows that flexiblity. Point to be noted here is that in city [b]X [/b]of [b]Y [/b]state, I [b]won't [/b]be working from another office of my client or my parent employer, rather from my home only.

So I want to know in that case do my employer needs to file a fresh LCA & H1B emendment petition for city [b]X [/b]or I am fine with the LCA of city [b]A [/b]while working from home at city [b]X [/b]??

Please provide me your valuable feedback on the same.

Thanks in advance.

No Matter how you work

WFH or Client Location

Once the State and City Changes New LCA is must.

Please, guide me. I am in an opposite situation.
If my company and city remains same, can I work for a new client located in different city? Should I continue with old LCA?