New LCA for joining new client on H1B

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for running this site with usefull info. I have some confusion on LCA hope you can help me to clarify this one.

I have my H1B filed by [b]employer X[/b] , [b]client A[/b] in 2011-12 quota and it was approved, I had came back to India and now I am going for [b]new[/b] [b]client B[/b] but for[b] same employer[/b] I have my stamping also done. Now the question is my employer is giving me LCA which was filed on 06/2012 which has less salary for my occupation compared to the current one mentioned in FLCdata centre.

Should I demand for the new LCA as per current wage mentioned in FLC data centre, since I am going to join the new client/place now or is it ok to go with the 06/12 LCA (which has less salary).

Appreciate you help/answer in clarifying this confusion.



The right thing is that employer files a new LCA for the new position/location followed by H-1 amendment. Once approved, you can travel to US to work at the new client site. They should not use the old LCA as it was approved for a different purpose.