New job - on OPT - working remotely from a different state - new H1B requirements

I graduated with a PhD in summer 2020, and currently in my first year OPT. I have a full time employment. Because of COVID, my employer has asked me to work remotely. So, I continue to work from my current address. My work location is in MD and I am remotely working from TX. I was planning to relocate once the offices open up for in-person work.
My employer registered me for the 2022 H1-B lottery. This is the first time I am applying for H1B visa. Is it possible that my remote work arrangement leads to RFE on my H1B petition. Shall I relocate close to work in prior submitting the H1B petition?


I found the answer to my query on here (

hope the information helps someone in the same situation as me and gives them a peace of mind.

The gist : you can work from anywhere while on OPT (no MSA requirements). I got this information from USCIS website ( The MSA requirement begins when you start working on the the H1B Status (I don’t have USCIS source to cite this information, but it appears logical to me)