New H1B Rejected, Currently in L1 , Need help with questions

Urgent! Please help me.

Currenly I am in L1B visa with Employer A and I have applied H1 thru Employer B. Last week I have got the status update saying my H1B got denied. My current L1B visa is expiring in April-28-2013.

My questions:

1) Emp B is saying they are willing to apply H1B in next years quota. Is it possbile to apply like that?

2) Emp B is asking me to join in India If i am willing and asking me to go to Australia for 6 months. Meanwhile they want to apply H1B. Is it fine?

3) If i am staying here, I have to renew my L1B visa next year April. If it is rejected, will there be a problem with next year H1B. What is your recommenation for my situation?

4) If I am staying with Emp A, I want to go to India for vacation in next year Feb and come back in mid of March with 1 month validity(since mine is expiring in April end) with my L1B. Can I enter US with 1 month valid visa?


Please help me.