new H1B-H4-H4EAD approved with employer change but old is still pending ?

#h4-ead #h1b

Hi all,

H1B / H4 / H4EAD applied together in regular processing . While this was in progress Spouse changed the job and got H1/H4/H4EAD in premium and approved for 3 years .

Q1 what would happen to old H4-EAD / H4 petition ?

Q2 if old gets approved in few months will that override my new H4EAD which is of 3 years ?

Q3 currently it’s still pending do I have to take any action or even if that approved , I still be using the new H4 EAD which is linked with the case where my spouse is working ?

Please let me know of these questions can be answered I would appreciate