New H1-B Sponsoring Companies for SAP Candidates from India

Hello Everyone,

We are actively looking for H1-B sponsoring companies for SAP skill set. We were in the US for around 6 Years on L1 visa and came back to India and stayed back and worked in India for more than a year so that our clock is reset. Now we are looking for companies who are sposnsoring new H1-B visa for candidates from India with SAP skills. Please help with company names and contact IDs,etc.


USCIS declared that H1B cap limit has reached on 11th June for FY2013 quota. Now you will have to either wait till April 2013 for FY2014 quota to open or find any cap-exempt organizations to file your petition this year itslef.

[USCIS News : H1B Visa 2013 Cap reached – Regular and Masters Quota](

I don't know about any companies that process H1B for SAP skills.