New F1 visa for a different school after returning from US

Hi… I got my F1 visa for fall 2016 and I went to the US in August 2016. Unfortunately due to some personal emergency I had to return to India in Sep 2016. My university deferred my admission to fall 2017 and terminated my sevis I’d. They asked me to apply for a new i20 and check with the US consulate regarding the validity of my current visa.

  1. Do i have to apply for new visa for the same University.
  2. Can I apply to a different university?? If yes, what are the chances of getting a visa for a different university?

Any help is highly appreciated.

  1. Well, if it is over 5 months, you may have to apply for new Visa. You will fall under the 5 Month Rule for US Visa.

  2. You can apply for different school for sure, visa stamping is always dependent on many factors and there is no gurantee for anything…As long as it is a better school, it should have higher chances.