New DS-160 for visa interview

Hi everyone,

Need your help!!

I’ve dropped my documents for H4 visa on February 15th 2022 and my status showed refused after one week. Then I got an email from Hyderabad embassy asking me to come for an interview on 25th March 2022. My DS-160 that I filled before dropping documents has incorrect address. I was in USA for almost 8 years and was on H1 3.5 years and I entered my address mistakenly where I was staying until January 2022. I got married in February and went for H4 visa, I now suddenly realized that I’ve not entered my husband address( He lives in Nashville TN). I want to correct address and sent an email to UStraveldocs asking a way to update my DS-160. They said that I can retrieve application and transfer to new application where all the details will auto populate without me filling all over again, they told me to take old and new DS-160 confirmation and explain to Consular officer.

I want to know if anyone faced this issue earlier before and can I really transfer my DS-160 to new while my visa is in process.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


What VFS told you is correct. You just need to believe them and do as they say.

Thank you Kalpesh Dalwadi!