Need to withdraw H4 Extension once new H4 is stamped in India?


The H4 extension (I-539) along with H4 EAD has been filed for my spouse in Jan-2021 and were waiting for the biometric test. But suddenly, she had to travel to India due to an emergency in Feb-2021. As she is in India, we planned to apply for a new H4 visa based on the H1B approval and received the H4 stamped as well. Now the question is, do we need to withdraw her H4 & H4 EAD extension once she returned back to USA and apply for a new H4 EAD? Or do we need to withdraw only the H4 case and continue with H4 EAD by sending the Stamped Visa? Please advise if anyone went through the same scenario.

Thanks in advance.

Please do update about what did you end up doing.