Need to travel to India in March. Applying for H1b this year


I am going to India on March 6th and will be back by march 29th. My employer wants me to finish all the paperwork for H1 before I leave. The attorney is going to post the application by March 29th or so such that it reaches USCIS by April 1st. I gave the details of my current I 94 as a part of the application. When I come back on March 29th, My I-94 will change right. But my attorney would have already posted the H1 application. Will this be a problem for H1 as my application has the old I94 number?? Will I get an RFE from USCIS when they see that my last date of entry in the application does not match my actual last date of entry and my I-94 number is also different?? Please help me out

I dont think that it would be of a great impact. You provide the latest information that you could. Up on arrival on 29th, try to inform the updated I-94 to your attorney. If your petition was already filed, thats alright.

I-94 is to prove that you have maintained the status correctly while you are in United States. In case if USICS doesnt have too much work, they would poke these minute details and you can always reply them that you have just arrived on the date of petition and supply the updated I-94. Dont think about it too much. its very likely that you are ok.

Thank you! That’s a relief.

Hi Gayathrisowmya. I am in the situation as yours but this year … travelling from Mar 14- mar 29th … Just wanted to ask your suggestion. Did you face any problem last year ? Thanks for the advice.