Need to travel to India. Have a valid H1B stamped on passport till Dec 31st, 2020. Can I enter back on October end?

Hello respected admins,

First of all let me express my appreciation for the valuable advise that you have been providing on difficult topics for years.

Here is my situation. I have a stamped H1B visa on my passport till 31st Dec, 2020. My wife was stuck in India without a H4 stamping and I raised a Emergency approval request with all the details and it got approved and my wife’s H4 visa got stamped.

Now I have to travel on an emergency to India on Sept(this month) and I plan to return in October along with my wife accompanying me. Please let me know under the current situation, do you foresee any challenges in this plan?

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Thanks for nice words.
As long as you have visa valid for you, you should be fine. There should not be any issues. Carry all supporting documentation, you copy of I-94 when you are in US to tell that you were in US…