Need to go for stamping if I transfer my visa ??

Hi Sir,

My H1B visa will expire on dec 2013. So If I transfer my H1B from my current company A to another company B, then do I need to go for stamping again if I goes to India within dec 2013?



Yes … you need to go for visa stamping if you are going to india.



Hi Vivek,
if somebody is having valid stamp then why to go for stamping

but if somebody get the transfer done in india, has approved petition from new employer and stamping from old employer. Then do I have to go for restamping?

If you have approved petition for COS you can avoid stamping. but if you travel inbetween you may need to go for stamping. It is better you get it stamped. If not no issues. you need to show your approved petition on your visit.

I am planning to travel on old H1b stamp with new employers Petition( suggested by Attorney), not sure how safe it is. And in future if i will come back to India still I can use the same stamp if still valid for re-entry or that time I have to get visa stamp for new employer?