Need to apply Tourist VISA for my wife

Hi there,

I am currently on H1B in US. My H1B is already expired and extension has been filed. but looking at the current trends it seems that H1B processing will take a long time.

So I can not apply H4 for my wife until my H1B is extended.

So I am planning to go for tourist VISA for my wife.

I have two questions regarding the same :-

1- The option that I am choosing is feasible or not ?

2 - If it is feasible, can you please let me know the procedure of applyting tourist VISA.?

Your help is really appreciated.

just get your H1 premium processed it costs $1225 it will take max 15 calendar days to process H1B if no RFE.

H4 is easier than B1/B2 visa.

I am not sure if my employer will agree to convert my H1B to premium.

You can pay for PP fees if your employer agrees. She should not go for tourist visa as it can run into issues (you are on H-1 which is a RED flag) and will have to file separate COS from B-1/2 to H-4 later.