Need suggestion on H1b visa sponsor

Cloud big data technologies is offering H1b this year.Need feedback or review on this company.Anyone filed H1b with this company. Please provide information.

You referring to this? “

Yes.I am referring to this company.

Have they demanded any money for visa processing ? I enquired here, I got a standard reply saying we are processing your resume and will let you know, nothing after that.

Have you got an offer with them?

No.For processing H1 they are asking 4000$

I also got a call from Cloud bigdata company and told they want file my petition for 4000$ . It will be reimbursed when i complete 3 yrs in their payroll after entering US. Not sure this is a genuine company or not.

Yes. Can anyone provide feedback on this company.

Well I contacted them as well. Sent an enquirer form on their website. Next morning very promptly they called me. I guess a guy called Bharath called me. Conversation went something like this…

Are you xxx?


Are you interested in H1B?


There is a cost involved. You will have to bear the cost of your visa stamping. arw you ok with that? Only then I will continue.

I said I will give a Bank Guarantee only.

(He didn’t understand head or tail of it) said ok, I will send you an email with a linkup a form. Fill it and send it

Now if a company is that desperate after money that they don’t care two hoots about my technology or skill set then this is purely one of those companies who won’t even file your application and gulp down 1500-2000$ of my money in the name of attorney fees.

Bottom line- stay away from such fraud companies!

Thanks for the information.

hey by any chance did you file with this company last year ?

No.I did not file H1 from this company.