Need suggestion applying in new quota when a case is already pending from long time


I have a case number which is pending from long time (9months already, May 2015 to till date), I am not sure if it reaches to APPROVED in next few months.

1> Is it advisible to apply in new quota (with another employer)

2> If another employer is applying - can they use my previous year pending case no# (just to avoid lottery & fee etc., )

3> What are the usual timings for to reach Approved case (will the uscis will look into previous year applications after April also ?)

4> with my current status, I am eligible for cap exempt ?

Please share your opinions on this…

  1. Even if you decide to go that route, it won’t impact your current processing.

  2. They cannot use it unless the previous petition gets approved. Once it gets approved, you are cap-exempted

  3. In the past years, they have processed almost all the petitions by Mar 31 before starting the processing for next year’s petitions.

  4. No, you are not. Current petition needs to be approved for this.

thank you Suarabh for your reply…

Currently my case seems to be in suspended mode as earlier stage of my case got insufficient funds.

so can I wait till Mar 31st for my pending case ? Any idea will it continue post April as well ?

I am looking for new opportunities to go for new quota but options are less for me.

It will continue to process beyond April as well, in case no adjudication is reached by that time.

Did employer take care of insufficient funds issue?

Yes my employer taken care of insufficient funds issue but after that there is no update from USCIS…

Right now with this status “Receipt Notice Was Changed” from June 08th 2015.

Did your employer raise a SR to get more info?

They told me that, they have contacted USCIS.
I’m not sure whether they created SR or not.

but why USCIS is delaying much in updating the status… even though it is in suspended or denied / any other … they should have updated the status…

From last 8 months …Everyday its painful to check case status on there site for no update.

Another option is to upgrade to PP.

yes this option i checked with my employer, they are not interested on this.
they are still positive on regular processing…