Logic planet is filling visa for california region through logic planet cs. Its located in Tustin. I have never heard about logic planet cs

Please share review or experience about same.


Its reallly urgent. Please help.

any update so far ab out lottery result???

They said, they have received 30 so far, 11 more awaited.

Really who told you this, yesterday i called them they said nothing received, did they disclose the names or they said if its AD/PP, or NONAD?RP people

According to my information they have send the petitions to vermont center not california

I called them yesterday only. No they din’t disclosed any name. Just asked me to wait for few more days are 11 more are expected. whom did u had a word with.

They told me 45 selected and they received 33 receipts on Friday 05/01/2015 and told me that they would definately know the remaining 12 by Monday or Tuesday… Any update for you’ll??

Seems like they are big time fraud company. It has been 7 days they are not picking up calls. We lost money, time and now this unprofessional behavior.

Guys, Please share your experience .

They are not picking up any calls. They should have known by now who is selected and who is not.

Guys no body got selected through logic planet, so seems all fake

hi guys,

I have applied H1B through logic planet last year 2015 and it got selected in the lottery. I could say that was the only positive thing happened with the visa. They charged $5000 from us even before filing stating that they can handle RFE and also be able to provide a job. Once it got picked in the lottery there was no response from them. They don’t attend the calls and even if they do with a lot of recklessness. Later they would choose a technology (e.g,informatica) of their own choice which they think could justify your profile. Even if we see bright side of that still for that online training they charged $500 more for that and the training was so meager. Once the training sessions gets completed there was no word from them like for 3 months. Finally it went to RFE by the end of September. We have asked for the reason and they don’t want to disclose it telling that they can handle the RFE. We were also unaware that alot of people like 80 members received RFE and also for the same reason. Even after RFE there was no word from them about any additional proofs required from our end. Finally only when a week of time was left to submit the RFE documents when we reminded them then they have asked for spouse payslips and they re submitted it by the end of December. At last what I have feared has happened. My H1B got denied along with 4 of my friends who applied through the same consultancy. They have forwarded us the denial notice after a lot of drama which describes that the candidate is eligible to work but indicates 3 reasons for the denial,

1.Client letter.i.e, the project to which you have specific amount of time to work with and any documents related to it.

  1. Role description is vague and generalized.

  2. No sufficient space to work at the location provided which is a in house project.

These are the basic proofs an employer should be able to provide but he failed to establish that. It also states all other 70+ receipt numbers which have been denied for the same reason. That means no case that has gone to RFE has been approved.

We have requested them to re appeal but they declined with no courtesy stating that they have been providing the same proofs for all the previous years and cannot provide any more proofs. If thats the case for all the previous years how did they manage to get the approvals? All of them must have got approvals in fluke?? When USCIS have requested for basic proofs they can’t handle it anymore. We are offered with 50% re fund or re filing for the 2016 taking no responsibility for wasting all the time and money. Can we call it as a fraud consultancy who cheated us with all the wrong promises? We have waited for the entire year skipping on all emergency situations to travel out of country hoping that we would get the visa and finally it got denied.

There are a lot of consultancies who process H1B for a cheaper price and who cannot handle RFE. This should definitely be one among them but unreasonably they are charging a lot and playing with our hopes.

Please be aware before you choose the consultancy and paying them better to choose a well known consultancy which is closely associated with your friends or family and most importantly who can handle RFE or any kind of genuine problem with your visa processing.