Need information on RFE received


Got a mail from my employer that my petition went into RFE. They have asked for following documents:

  1. Client End Letter - Please provide a letter that confirms the ongoing professional relationship between the end-client and (my employer). The letter must be printed on the end client’s letterhead and should confirm the details of the employee’s placement at the end client’s worksite.

  2. SOW - Please provide a copy of the 3 most recent Statements of Work (“SOWs”) for the project to which employee will be assigned in the U.S. All SOWs must be signed by the end-client and the current SOW must be valid.

  3. Project Organization Chart - Please provide a copy of the organization chart demonstrating the employee’s supervisory chain at the onsite work location.

Could anybody explain about these documents. I am a little confused about the explanation for SOW.

Also, how much time does it take for the decision on RFE after submission of response.

Thanks in advance,

Why is your employer not handling this? They are the ones responsible for finding a client/project for you. Or have they handed over the resume marketing to you?

Regarding SOW. Let’s say you are going to work for a client who has no prior relationship w/ your employer. Then it will be brand new SOW w/ explanation that its a new relationship. If the client and employer has a prior relationship, then they need to submit new SOW along w/ copies of old SOWs to show how long they have been in business relationship etc.

Thanks a lot for your reply Saurabh.

My employer has been in business with this client for last 6 years. The issue here is that I am a new entrant to this project. There is no offshore team and the only team which is there is in the US. Last 6 months, this client has started a new trend of mentioning the Associate’s name on the SOW (I know this is kinda weird. Even I have heard something like this for the first time). Since I am new entrant to this project there will be a new SOW for me which is not an issue. But since the USCIS has asked for 2 previous SOWs, it makes me a little apprehensive about this. Also, this is my first H1B so may be I am getting too much worried about this thing.

I am seeing this trend of asking multiple SOWs since this year only. I think they are asking this to see if the employer-client have an old relationship or if this is something new. If they are in business for a long time, then USCIS has more confidence that the project is not a sham and is a genuine one. If there is no previous SOW and its a brand new project, then USCIS may want to do little more digging to ensure validity of the project.

So submit your latest SOW and old ones to show that there is an old relationship. Does that make sense?

Yeah…makes sense…thanks saurabh… :slight_smile: