Need info as i need to file a visitor visa for US

Hi all,

I’m on h1b visa in US, i’m planning to bring my family here in US, for my wife and son my company will do all the processing, but how do i go ahead with the process for my parents? i’m new to this. Can you please let me know the process? Also i heard that theres a new visa processing rule in india now? it takes 2 days? not sure… can some one let me know about the new Visa process?

  • what papers etc should I send to them/the embassy - wherver - what are the requirements for that ?
  • what all needs to be done in India by them?
    Is there some comprehensive check list list/web-site which gives all this information?

Also what should my parents say when they are asked for the reason for travel? i know we should answer the question geneuinely but, saying that my son is in US and we will be going to stay with my son for 1 month, is it fine to say that? I want my parents to stay with me for 1 month. Need your assistance on this

This page can be a good starting point.

what about the new visa process? can you explain something?