Need info about NanoEsoft reliable


Can any one in this forum share information about this company - NanoEsoft.

I was contacted by them for filing my H1 this year. They are asking for a deposit (as a hedge against me transfering out of their company befor 6 months of working with them) and refundable after 6 months. However, this will be forfeited if visa is not granted for no fault of theirs (documents etc).

Is anyone currently or in the past employed with them ? Does anyone in this forum know about this comp ? Does anyone know of any cases of fraud (or dishonoring their word) by this comp ? Is the deposit they are asking mostly forfeited by the candidate ? Any payment issues while employed with them ?


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Can you contact me at [](



Hi … I need to know this information as well. Can someone answer?

Hi… Did you get an answer for this? Can you share it with me?

I have also got a call from nanoesoft.
Pls share any info u have got about the company


I would never file my H1b with a company seeking for Deposits and other terms and conditions. Seems illegal to me. This is my personal thinking. Not a legal advice.