Need help..Travelling to US on H1B

Hello Everyone!

Need info, I have got my stamping after 221g on FEB 23rd 2016. I am serving notice period for my current employer here in India and i am planning to go US in MID or END of APRIL. Is this going to be a problem during port of entry since I will be taking almost 2 months after my stamping?

And also is it recommended to carry employer offer letter and client letter during Port of entry?

please do let me know possible scenarios it can be and thanks in Advance!!!

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It is good to carry latest letter from employer ( Could be letter from employer/client) as per petition. 2 months should be fine in IMO with old documents

Bye the way, could you share your 221G experiences here in the forum

I agree with comments shared by Veeras above.

Veera, thanks for letting me know. i will check and get the required docs.

and regarding 221G - JAN 29th was my interview at HYD and after brief checking, VO said they need more time before they make decision.

So, they issued ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING - 221G ( White slip) with a case number to track. After 3 weeks - i got email from consulate asking to drop passport and i got my visa issued.

During Interview , VO checked information about employer( location, no of associates, salary info, client, what does i do, location of client, whats my experience, any previous visits to US ) & they Have taken ( client Employer agreement letter along with Client letter).

hope this helps if anything let me know. great day. good luck!!!