Need Help on L1B to H4 visa conversion.

Hi All,

My L1b visa is getting expired on Jan 13, 2013 and my I94 is also expiring on same date. My spouse is in H1B visa will Sep 2015. 


I am planning to apply for L1b to H4 visa conversion during Nov 2012. 


Mu questions is

1. If the H4 petition is approved b4 Jan 13 2013, should i immediately stop working.?


2. Say suppose, my H4 petition approval takes time after Jan 13, 2013. Can i continue to work till my petition is approved?


Please help me here.


  1. I guess, you need to specify a Change of status date when you apply for COS, you should stop working from that day.

  2. No, you should not as your L1 status expires on Jan 13.