Need help on H1B transfer- got RFE and waiting for your suggestion


Need your help. Please suggest.

Currently I am working for company A. I got an offer from company B and they have filed the H1 transfer.

But there is an RFE, which they are working on.

But company B wants me to join them and says it might get approved.

Though I want to Join B, I am in doubt to put resignation to current company A.

Meanwhile, I got another offers from company C and D. They want to file H1B transfer.

Here I like to Join to company B than the others.

Now my two questions are here.

  1. For filing the H1B transfer for company C and D, should I inform them about company B’s H1b situation or do I need to send them the company B’s receipt number? I was about to send only company A H1B notice.

  2. For an instance, If I join company B and after few days, company C or D H1B got approved and company B’s H1B is rejected, then I switch from Company B to C/D? Will I be still in Status and Legal.

Because, I would have signed the I9 form with company B.


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  1. It is not required for them to know about B’s petition. They can file their own cap-exempt petitions using A’s approved copy as reference. As you are still working w/ A, you can submit A’s payslips.

  2. Yes, this can be done and will be legal. You legally worked w/ B on the basis of their transfer receipt, left them soon after you saw the denial and joined C or D on the basis of their transfer receipt or approval.