Need Help on 221 G ( admin Processing ) White slip @ Hyderabad, India .

Hi Guys, hope u all r doing gr8 …

[b]8th August, 2012 [/b]- Appeared visa interview and got 221 g to submit few documents.

[b]17th August, 2012 [/b]- Submitted Docs thru VFS .

[b]30th August, 2012 [/b]- Got my passport back withoutstamping with a 221g copy letter( adim Process required )

[b]26th Septemper, 2012 [/b]-- US Immigration Officers been to US Company for verification and they were pretty satisfied with the docs and answers given by my employeer.

Now its been more than 2 weeks, i did not hear anything from US consulate. How much time wud it take noramally for them to get my visa stamped ..?

Can some one help me on this as i have no clue wots gonna happen from here on ....


I attended visa interview on 8th november and Visa officer returned me back my passport and gave me 221(g) white slip.He took client letter and vendor letter for further verification and said that he will give a call in 1 month after the verification of my job.

On 14th november USCIS did verification of my client and vendor.

I am trying to check my case status in []( but getting message that this case number is invalid.

I didnt get any call or email from consulate.

I tried calling customer care number and could not reach any executive.

Can anybody please let me know what does this mean?

How to know or when can I know the status of my case.



hi jit,

no yaar, i did not hear anything yet. Its been 2 1/2 months already…
i am just hoping to get a mail from us consulate by this month end …

i have no clue wot they r upto… everything is just on hold…

Hello Neeraj,

I am also in same boat, consular in Hyd told … need verification, no idea when i will get a reply. I even didn’t get any questionnaire also.

If any update on your case, please post here.

Hi guys,

Attended interview on 7th,2012 august at hyd, they kept my visa on hold by issuin 221g and on Jan 28th, 2013 they asked me to submit my passport and on feb 3rd …i got my passport back with visa…

So ppl, dont worry, keep u faith still on… u will surely get it … be patient … All the best —

y’day i attended visa i too got 221g nd i am for f1 visa nd vo gave my passport back and said there is administrative process so when can i expect my decision and wt are my chances for getting visa approved

Hi murali,

Can i know what happened to your visa,i am also facing the similar situation.

i attended for F1 visa and the VO gave me the 221g(white slip) and returned my passport.


Hi there,
I also have got a 221G white slip, but my passport is with them, what does that mean?

Any update from your side JKB? facing similar situation.