Need help in L1B to H1B change of status queries

Background :

Currently I am working with employer A on L1B visa. My L1B visa has been expired on Aug 2012 but I have valid I-94 until June 2015.


There are two employer B & C applied for my H1B with COS (change of status) under H1B cap quota for this year (2012-13).

Status of my H1B application as below:

From Employer B, I got the H1B petition approved with COS and having new I-94 applicable from 10/4/2012 to 07/01/2015.


From Employer C, I got the RFE and employer C is going to reply the RFE by the end of this week.


I am still working with employer A who hold my L1B visa.



		As my H1B petition approved with COS through employer B then in how many days do I need to join employer B on this new H1B ? Is there any minimum time limit in this case? 

		Also What will happen to my L1B visa due to approved H1B petition with COS through Employer B ? Does my L1B VISA get voided? 

		 When I spoke to employer B on the joining then the employer B told me that my H1B will be activated only when I actually join the employer B.Currently Employer B is trying to find the client/Job for me. That's why employer B is suggesting me to work on L1B as long as they are not finding the suitable client/job. Is it really possible legally to wait and work on L1B visa until employer B finds the suitable client/job for me? Also what employer B is trying to do here ?

		Is there any possibility that although my H1B approved with COS and new I94 valid from 10/4/2012 to 07/4/2015 but Employer B file the petition/application with a future effective date (say November/December) that's why employer B suggesting me to work on L1B visa. I need to check the employer B on the effective date mentioned in the petition/application.

		Is it possible to work with employer A on L1B visa until the H1B visa gets approved through Employer C ? I actually wants to work with Employer C.



Thanks for your help,

  1. You need to joing employer B with immediate effect as it is a change of status from L1B to H1.

  2. Yes your L1B is voided.

  3. Your employer B is right only in the case when H1B is fresh not in the case of COS. If your employer does not run payroll he will be in trouble. But, he can escape as you are continuing with employer A (which is illegal) and you are the one who will be in trouble.

  4. That can be done only when the application is in process not after approval.

  5. No you cannot do that with L1 Visa.

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