Need help H-1 B Stamping @ Hyderabad-Querry about not getting 221-G.

Dear All

I Have attended VISA Stamping interview last week at Hyderabad. The VO has collected Passport,DS-160 Confirmation,BEP Letter from Company,Original I-797.He asked some question around Client and wage then finally kept my documents.Then he said you will recieve a mail from Consulate, You need to respond to that and didnt give me any slip (221-G etc)

I received a mail from Hyd Consulate asking to fill a questionnaire and submit client letter and CV.It stated your case needs further admin processing

My question is :

	Has anybody gone through similar experience wherein they didnt receive any 221G slip but asked to respond to mail

	Any Idea/expereince how much time it will take to get response from Consulate

	When they say client letter -Does that mean Personal invitation client letter or generic letter would suffice 

Appreciate your replies folks,it has been tensed moments post stamping interview.




Need Help from folks, whom 221g is not Issued but VISA officer ask to respond to mail sent by US Consulate …


Can you please share your contact information to me or to my email id i also have same case.

pls feel free to reach : +91-7702105777