Need Help for H4 to H1b transfer

Hi I am planning to come to US on h4 dependent visa.

However I am working in Indian IT company but yet not resigned from my job

Is it compulsory to resign from company for h4 visa processing?

If i go to US on h4 visa and if i start my h1b visa processing through company sponsorship then can I travel back to India again ?

Actually I will take leave of 2-3 months from my current company and will go to US on h4 visa after that I will process change of transfer visa for H1b. But till the H1b is getting processed (till it is getting approved), can I travel back to India ?

If h1b gets approved then i will resign from my current employer in india and will return to US.

But if h1b does not get approved then still can I travel to US on my earlier h4 visa?

Please help.


No. It is not compulsory to resign from current company for H4 Visa processing.

I have a similar case. My wife has started working in US on H1 Visa from Oct 2014. I am currently in US on H4 Visa and looking for a job.
What are the possibilities for h4 to h1 conversion. I have over 8 yrs IT experience in TIBCO Middleware domain.

that is good experience. You should be able to get a sponsor. check myvisajobs