Need Guidance; Visa Officer Approved H1B at US Consulate Dubai but in Admin Processing for 4 Weeks

Dear All,

I appeared for the H1B interview on 11th January 2017 with my Wife and two kids at US consulate Dubai. The visa officer was satisfied with the interview and with the fact I have 19 years of UAE experience and out of which 10 years is of being certified Project Manager Professional. The Visa officer handed over the pink slip and said that the visa is approved and we will receive our passports in few days.

The day i collected my passport from post, to my surprise the visa was not stamped and there was a yellow slip with a case number saying the application is under administrative processing.

After 2 weeks on 24th January 2017 got an email from FPU Dubai (Fraud Prevention Unit) asking for Educational Certificate, experience letters, US company offer letter, Client Site contract and confirmation letter. All the requested information with details were submitted on 25th January 2017.

Note there is no 221g request or history on this till now.

Since then there is no update on my case and it has been 4 weeks since interview. Has anyone faced a similar situation and what should I expect next. What are the chances of approval?

Any idea what numbers or email addresses in Dubai or DOS I can follow up on.