Need details on L1 Petition


I got my L1 Visa approved in 2014 and travelled to USA, in 2016 applied for Extension which got approved then went for Visa Stamping got Visa valid till June 2022. As my 2016 petition was issued only for 2 yrs, in 2018 petition extension was filled this time my extension was denied in March 2020( took long time due to a RFE).

Now my company is planning to raise a new petition request, if petition is approved

  1. Should I go for Visa Stamping again.
  2. or as I have valid Visa till June 2022 only approved petition should be sufficient to travel to USA.

Appreciate if someone can share experiences or Suggestions.

Thank you

No need for stamping if the visa is still valid at the time you enter the US. Just carry the new I797 approval notice.