Need Clarification on H1-B filing

Dear Saurabh,

Am currently staying in US and holding H4. Am processing H1-B thorugh my sponser. I have sent all the necessary documents including my I-94 and my husband’s I-94 which expires on Sep 30 2014 and my husband’s I-129 .

But my husband got new offer in another location and they have filed H1-B Change of Employer for him under premium processing along with my H4. So hopefully within 15 calender days we both will get new I-94 and my husband will get new I-129. I have no idea will this impact my H1-B process? since i have provided my husband’s current I-94 and I-129 to my attorney, they will file with them. But when it will reach USCIS, probably we both will may have different I-94 and I-129. Will it affect my process? if yes, then how can i get my husband’s I-94 or I-129 where its still in process.