Need an understanding on H1B transfer, in a crucial situation, please help!

Hi Friends,

I am sure most of us have faced this situation, but it is kind of tricky for me, please help.

I am in the US since a year now in the position of a Tax Consultant, I have a valid visa until Aug 2019, due to some issues with the firm my current employer has asked me to return to India and join the Indian entity, and my last working date in the US is Dec 31st (with ofcourse 2 months period to stay back and look for options).

I really want to make use of this opportunity and stay back in the US. I have been applying for jobs but as you know it takes a while to really get an offer. I got an offer from a small firm and they are in a hurry to initiate the process, but since i have applied in some better firms and in the same city i live, i want to wait for the opportunity they provide too. Right now my situation is tricky where i cant say no to the firm which is ready to go ahead with the process, considering the other firms haven’t given me an offer as yet. Nor can i say yes with a satisfactory mind.

My question is, if i say yes to this small firm and if they start with the process, is there a way where i can reject it and take up any other firm which is better? or is it mandatory for me to join them? or may be is there a workaround? Will there be an issue in the application laid by the new employer since the small firm has already applied for transfer.

Please do help, your suggestions are most valuable.