Need Advise on L1B RFE & H1B Change of Status

Hi Saurabh,

I am posting below questions behalf of my friend, who is facing difficult situation and he is having sleepless night. I would really appreciate your help and provide some advise.


[b]Point#1: [/b]His current L1 Blanket visa getting expired (maxing out) by sep 06, 2013 and also at the same time he applied for H1B (Change of status) through the same employer (selected in lottery, having receipt#), but the status is in "Pending Review". Yesterday he received an RFE for L1B extension petition.


[b]Point#2: [/b]His Wife enters in her 9th month pregnancy and she is due by October 1st week.


[b]Queries below:[/b]


1. His H1B is in "Pending Review". He is going to respond to L1B RFP. What is the chances of getting H1B approval with change of status?


2. If his H1B approved with change of status and if L1B RFE approved. What will be his status?


3. If his H1B approved with change of status and if L1B RFE denied. What will be his status? Will his H1B approval converted to Without change of status? Should he travel to india immediately?


4. After H1B approval can he void the L1B extension petition? In this case should he leave the country?


5. His Wife will enters her 9th month of pregnancy, at this time airlines will not allow her to travel.In this scenario he/she will not be able to travel back to india for another 2-3 months. Is there any other options to stay back in worst case screnario?


It would be great if you could provide us some advise and answers.



Please Any advise me!!!