Need advice for future. Settling down in USA ?

Hello to the members of this site,

i am new to this site

My name is Vineet and i live in new delhi, India. Its always been my dream to go to USA and settle down there, i want to experience the life out there .

I need advice from the experienced members on to proceed to USA from scratch as i am quite naive to these things. i am only 18 years old, i am a first year college student doing Bachelors of technology in Computer science field from SRM university. i hope its not too early to ask it , but i really need to plan out from the start.

I need details on how to proceed to my goal. Can i get a job in USA after doing undergraduate from india, what exams i need to take. do i need to postgraduate too to get a job there ? and all the details on what to do and what not to.

Thank you

It is never early to start thinking about these kind of things.

You have many options. Read this article [Options to study, work and live in USA](

Also, Read this general [series of articles written on Settle in US or India ]( comparing various factors

Finally, you can also read  Various [steps to Study in USA ](

Allt he above will give you a very good idea on various aspects of Work, Life and education. If you have anything specific after reading through, post it in the QA section, we will be more than happy to answer.

It is tragic that not all class 12th students are able to get into IITs or premier colleges of medicine within India, these Institutions lack capacity to accept more than a few 100 or 1000 applicants when the need is to absorb 300 times more students. An option I suggest frequently to class 12th students is not to waste any more time in India but to try and get into an undergraduate program in the United States. Start early. Otherwise you will be stuck in a 3-year degree program, pursue a PG diploma or certificate and continue to run in the painful rat race… and let us face it, there are way too many more ‘rats’ in India compared to the US.

All the best

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