Name was updated I129 H1B

Hi Friends

I can see my H1B status was showing as ‘Name was updated’ as on 17th Oct 2020 till now I have not received any update till 14th Nov 2020. Can any body help me understand what is this exact status for and is this status related to denial of my case.
Thanks in advance.

The Name was Update has no direct relevance to the case processing. Sometimes, you see that even for some internal updates in their system. it is a general status and has no significance. Follow up with your attorney. Ask your employer to Upgrade to Premium processing to avoid waiting.

Since from 16 th oct it is with the same status. Is this unusual .what will be the maximum time I have to wait in normal processing assuming premium processing may not be an option.

There is no estimated time. you may need to wait a very long time. It can be few months. I have seen many wait for over 6 months or 8 months too…so be prepared.

But the petition submitted in the month of June has been already almost 6 months I have already been waiting. On top that still it requires another 6months waiting.

As I said, it can be anytime…some have got it one month, some have not got in 8 months…so, you cannot really predict that…Only thing you can do is upgrade to premium, if you want quicker decision.

I also have the same situation, even after upgrading to the premium no response is returned by USCIS, neither they have withdrawn the check sent for premium processing.

This is really very frustrating. No clue abt what is the updation and why updation is reqd. But any way all the very best.

What happened with your case? did they respond finally after the name update?

No . I also waiting for update. No update so far since name was updated.

Oops! it’s really weird. I believe name update has something do to with this delay.
Good luck.

Not really. Name was updates is a misleading status, it appears in many situations…cannot relate… was updated is a misleading and confusing also. Detailed reason should have been shared. At least tentetive date of final decision should have been mentioned.

Can we stay in the country beyond 240 days after the i-94 expiration date? as my case stuck with “Name was updated” and I’m about cross the line of 240 days.