Name misspelled on Form I-797C

My employer saying correction will be reflected on the Approval notice and corrected RN copy will not be issued by USCIS…

Has anyone faced similar issues in correcting the name … if yes … how much time it took?

If employer submitted correct name in I-129 and 797C has incorrect name, then it could be a data entry issue. It may be wise for employer to contact USCIS and get it fixed now.

If employer submitted incorrect name in I-129, then maybe wait for approval notice to come through and then file amendment to get it corrected. They can still try now, but the mistake was on part of employer and I don’t know if USCIS would change it now while it is pending.

Thanks Saurabh for reply …
I guess my employer has initiated the process to change name … so in this case … how much time it will take to get approval notice ?
Is there any possibility of going the case in RFE due to name misspelled?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s PP or RP?

There shouldn’t be RFE related to name change as you are correcting the name and not moving it to a totally different person.

Thanks Saurabh…
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