Name mismatch between visa and passport?


I have the issue of having FNU as my first name on all my US documents. I have an approved H1B petition currently. I’m planting to get my visa stamped as per how my name stands now and then update the passport to split my name into first name and last name while I’m outside of US. Would the mismatch between the names in the visa and passport create problems at the POE?

Also, if I have to update the I797 with the name split, how much time does it generally take? And would I need to stamp a new visa if I travel again due to changes in I797?

Thank you,

  1. Make sure that your passport details EXACTLY matches with your birth certificate.

  2. Once the step 1 is in place, fix any other documents(including visa/I797 etc) in the official manner.

In the mean time, execute a notarized self affidavit describing the spelling mistakes in your various documents and representing the same YOU. Submit this affidavit copy with each of the incorrectly named documents.

Keep a copy of this affidavit always with you to prove that you are the same person with the spelling mistakes.