Name different in Passport and Degree & one other question

Hello All
I had two questions I am in India and all pertain to conditions in India only

Q1) : I have three part name
As per my passports and all official documents my name is read as
First Name: name1
Last Name : Lastname1 “space” Lastname2

However my education certificates have messed it up and the name is
First Name: name1 “space” Lastname1
Last Name : Lastname2

I have an affidavit instructing how to read my name correctly as well. All official documents(india) were issued post this affidavit.
will they accept my passport name ?

An IT consulting firm will attempt an H1B visa for me this march. They told me that by March End I would know if I am lucky and mostly by end of year if all goes well I can resign post stamping.

However , my current organisation is getting difficult for me to stay in. Is it possible I quit my current org join something and quit that comany by Dec end ? Will it be allowed without creating extra complications ?

My apologies if I broke any forum rules.