Name differ in experience letter

Hi, my name in all my doccuments is “Annu Singh” but in one of my experience letter my name is mentioned as “Annu Singh Thakur” does it creates problem in my H1B visa processing … If yes then what is the solution biz my previous employer told me that now they don’t have rights to change that name in their database…plz help me

First, I would suggest you to refrain from the “Texting Lingo” like biz, plz etc… to present yourself in a more professional way.

Coming to your question, you would not have any issues… dont worry. You dont need to have experience to get H1, if you have 16 years of education in the relevent field of specalization that you intentd to be qualified for the H1B visa.

That doesn’t matter. You’re good. Below is minimum eligibility

The requirements to qualify for an H1B visa are:You must have ONE of the following1) A Bachelor’s degree or Masters Degree (or the foreign equivalent degree from your Country), OR2) 12 years work experience, OR3) A mix of further education + work experienceThe general H1B visa qualification rule is: - for every 1 year of studies at University / College = 3 points- for every 1 year of work experience = 1 point12 points in ‘total’ are required to qualify for the H1B visa program