My Wife is holding both H1B and H4

My Wife is holding both H4 (through My organisation - March 2013) & H1B (her own organisation - Nov 2013) . At this moment she is in India, now I am planning to bring her to US on H4 VISA for one & Half month (just to be with me, not for work) till the time her employer in India complete all formalities of her US Project which is expected to be start on 1st Feb, 2014.

So question is,

1) How can i check the validity of H4 VISA as I doubt if H1B has not override the H4 VISA
2) Is this feasible, I mean Can I call her on H4 VISA despite of the fact that she is holding valid/stamped H1B VISA & hope travelling on H4 will not impact H1b in future.

She has 2 valid stamps in her passport?

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Yes , Her passport carries two valid stamps

it might be a problem if there is a H1B stamp on passport, else it is ok for her to travel on H4