My Wife H1B Petition is approved,can she travel by H4 now


Myself and my wife are working for same employer.I have got my H1B and my wife petition is approved recently and she’s is yet to go for Stamping interview.And also she will be in loss of pay for till mid of next year(due to delivery).

1)Now whether can she travel to US along with me in H4(note her H1B personal interview is yet to happen)?

2)Whether she can travel to US in H1B on my personal expenditure(i.e not as H4)



  1. Yes. She would need H4 visa to travel. ( I am assuming your wife is not in US and her petition was filed without COS)

  2. If she need to travel on H1B, she would need to get H1B stamping done. Also, she needs to start to working immediately and be paid to maintain her H1B status.