My wife gets 221 G White form for the H4 Visa

I have got the H1 approval this year in April 2013 and ,my H1 B will start by Oct 1 2013.

My wife went for the H4 visa on Sept 12th at US consulate Delhi. Officer has issued the white 221 G form and they put my wife H4 visa on hold.

On the 221 G mentioned that- “your case has been kept pending until your spouse H1b visa is approved and your petition arrives. ”

Here is my question:

1)      How to addressed this issue and what does it mean?

2)      Do I need to H1b stamp on my passport?

3)      Can I or should we have to file H4 from USA? But she never been in USA

4)      Do we just have to submit my I 797 approval notice after the Oct 1st once it will be started?

5)      How to proceed this 221 G form? And Do I have to file again Ds 160?

6)      What are the require documents which I have to send them?

Answers are :

1- She applied prematurely. Before petition start date.


3-If you can get H4 approved for her ., it is ok. But not essential at this stage

4- You do not have to sub mit any document. If consulate wants anything it will ask you.

5-You do not have to fill DS 160 again

6- No document is required by consulate now. It has all the information about you.

The problem arose due to impatience. Appointment date should have been after petition start date

Now do not do anything.

Wait till yr Ds 160 confirmation no appears in consulate website or it contacts you